What is Humboldt?

Humboldt Society is a private club for passionate travelers that aims to guide and help its partners, offering unique solutions and services. We offer the freedom to create an own personalized and safe experience.

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We accompany you in the passion of preparation and realization of your trips

Why Humboldt?

There are as many trips as there are travelers, Humboldt has the tools to build the trip of your dreams and allow to obtain a complete photography of your chosen destination. The solution we offer allows you to travel as you wish.

The best trip is always the next one
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Be a member of the Humboldt Society Club

  • We prepare your customized trip or you can prepare it yourself through our PREPARE YOUR TRIP section. You will enter in draws for exclusive travel products and earn points to redeem in our e-Shop.
  • Receive monthly Conde Nast Traveler magazine.
  • You will have access to our ITM service and much more.
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Discover our ITM service for members and you will not want to travel any other way.

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Discover our online store. A selection of travel accessories that you will surely love. Remember that by being a member you will have incredible discounts and you will be able to redeem your member points.

Do not forget anything for your trip. Have you already seen our recently arrived products?
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Our trips

An extraordinary birthday

Check the reviews and experiences of members who have traveled with us:

During a family trip to Brazil, I was turning 60 during the trip, as i was travelling I did not expect anything special. Humboldt Society prepared a completely private surprise dinner in front of the waterfalls of Iguazú.

It was a unique and unrepeatable moment.

Juan López, a member of Humboldt.

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Corporate social responsibility projects

We are aware of the impact generated by tourism on Co2 emissions and therefore we collaborate with Selvans in their forest preservation helping to reduce the ecological footprint.

Likewise, traveling is admire, see, discover and investigate. Vision is the most important sense when traveling, so we collaborated with Barcelona Macula Foundation to obtain resources for research against blindness.

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