What does being a member bring you?

The benefits for members are based on 5 pillars:


Our partner wants to be informed of the news, destinations, trends and information of the tourism field. That is why Humboldt Society has a subscription agreement with Conde Nast Traveler, which you will receive monthly at your home. In addition to quarterly newsletters made by our team.


Protecting our partners against unforeseen events and accidents is one of our maxims, so we offer access to a wide range of travel insurer solutions at an advantageous price.

In the case of making a trip through our system of Integral Travel Management (ITM), Humboldt Society will audit the trip with local suppliers to avoid any unforeseen events.


We want to be your unique travel experiences provider.

There are as many types of travelers as there are types of people. When you become a member of our club, we make a traveler profile to offer you the most suitable range of solutions to your way of traveling.

Do you want to take a trip to a specific destination? You will receive an itinerary built from your traveler profile. From there, you can organize it on your own from our trip planner or hire our ITM (Integral Travel Management) service.


A Humboldt partner is an equipped traveler. That’s why you have access to an e-SHOP with the main travel accessories: guides, suitcases, amenities, cameras or kits that will improve your trip en route. Being a member gives you the option to get them at unique prices.


Being a Humboldt partner, you will help offset the ecological footprint that we generate when traveling. Therefore, we donate 7% of your annual fee to the preservation and improvement of the environment together with the Selvans Foundation, which aims to protect the lungs of our ecosystem. In addition, for each trip contracted with us, we will make a donation to the Barcelona Macula Foundation, Research for Vision.


Being a member of the Humboldt Society club, which brings together people in the shared passion of traveling, has an annual cost of 139 €.


Ways to travel with Humboldt Society

As a member of our club you can choose different ways to organize your trip:

Travel Planner

Unlimited access to your own travel planner, with access to the most common providers that are required when organizing a trip on your own. Booking through our portal generates points that you can use later for future purchases in our e-shop or payment of our services.


ITM (Integral Travel Management)

We present the itinerary of your desired with destinationprices, hotels and final extras where every detail will be adjusted.

  • Through your authorization and facilitation of your preferred methods of payment. We will make all the reservations below your name. Humboldt Society does not apply surcharges or margins in bookings, the final price is the price of our suppliers.
  • You will receive all your travel documents collected, you will only have to remember to take your passport at the time of travel.
  • You will save time. The preparation of a trip can involve more than 50 hours of work.
  • You will save money. A trip without intermediaries generates savings of up to 30%.
  • We process your travel insurance.
  • We are at your disposal while you are away and we monitor your trip from the origin.
    Hiring a ITM service includes improvements to your trip that provide major comfort at the time of travel
  • The price of the service will represent a percentage of the total cost of the trip of the 12%.

Audit and prospecting of travel packages

Do you have a favorite travel agency and want to continue working with them? We review the contracted package on demand or look for the one that best suits your profile.

Traveler profile

“Once you are a member of our club, we will send you a form so that we can make our TRAVELER PROFILE, where we obtain a unique traveler profile that will allow us to customize our services whenever you require it.

Become a member and get your personalized traveler profile.
You will discover information about your way of traveling and curious facts that you did not know about yourself.”

I want to be a member