ITM (Integral Travel Management)

As a member of the club HUMBOLDT SOCIETY you can access to this service that includes:

An itinerary with prices, hotels and final extras where every detail will be adjusted.

  • Through your authorization and facilitation of your preferred methods of payment. We will make all the reservations below your name. Humboldt Society does not apply surcharges or margins in bookings, the final price is the price of our suppliers.
  • You will receive all your travel documents collected, you will only have to remember to take your passport at the time of travel.
  • You will save time. The preparation of a trip can involve more than 50 hours of work.
  • You will save money. A trip without intermediaries generates savings of up to 30%.
  • We process your travel insurance.
  • We are at your disposal while you are away and we monitor your trip from the origin.
    Hiring a ITM service includes improvements to your trip that provide major comfort at the time of travel
  • The price of the service will represent a percentage of the total cost of the trip.

Customized services

Enjoy the best way to travel and do not worry in any moment.


Experience the best Meet & Assist and Airport Lounges services

Enjoy an unbeatable level of comfort and convenience, as through our partners you will be escorted through the terminals during your stay at the airport, reducing waiting times and improving your usual experience.

Our Meet & Assist agents understand your unique travel needs whether traveling for business or vacation, transfer, arrival or departure.

Visa management service

Fast, simple and safe.

We obtain the visas presenting below your name to the embassies or consulates a complete application and we advise you on the different options.
We offer a fast, simple and safe service without you having to contact or interact directly with these official organizations.

Accompanying Guide Service

From your house to your destination

With our accompanying guide service, you will travel with a guide from the door of your house that will coordinate your trip at all times.


  • Will assist you in Check In processes at Airports
  • Coordinate the trip with local operators
  • It will solve incidents during the trip
  • Will be at your disposal at all times.

FAST TRACK service in Barcelona airports T1 and T2

Avoid cues innecessàries
We manage the FastTrack at El Prat Airport. Allows access to security control preferentially speeding through the filters.


Do you want to go to a renowned restaurant?
Do you want to attend a particular show?
Do you want to complete your trip with reservations at restaurants adapted to your profile?
Do you want to surprise your companions?
Consult us and we will make it possible.


Humboldt Society is an licensed travel agency, that allows to offer the wide range services they usually provide to its members exclusively. Issuing and booking train tickets, issuing and booking airline tickets, booking hotels, booking rental cars, we do it for you respecting your needs…

New services coming soon

From HUMBOLDT SOCIETY we continue working every day to renew and expand our offer of special services for our partners.
We will keep you informed of the new services so that at all times you know the new benefits that you can have as a member of our club.

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