What is Humboldt Society

Humboldt Society is the first and unique private club whose objective is to guide and help passionate travelers by offering them unique solutions and services.

In history we find great travelers, but, if there is a traveler who exemplifies the idea that “”Travelling is knowledge””, this is Alexander Von Humboldt (1769-1859), with permission of Charles Darwin. This German naturalist explored all of South America, part of Central Asia and Europe devoting much of his personal fortune and giving his name to a race of penguin, the emblem of our club.

Today’s passionate traveler looks for unique and personalized experiences, flees from package trips, standard or conventional travel agencies which can not provide flexibility or differentiation. Looking freedom to create their own trip and their own experience.

With Humboldt Society, traveling by yourself does not have to mean traveling solely, because the Humboldt Society aims to accompany the 21st century traveler.

What is the Humboldt Society Club?

  • A unique club in which individual travelers are associated, providing them with exclusive advantages and services.
  • A club that watches over the interests and desires of its members, facing a depersonalized and global industry.
  • A club that brings added value in the moment to enjoy what you are passionate about, travel.
  • A club that protects its members, seeking the real value of things more than their price.
  • A club that provides unique experiences.
  • A club concerned about the sustainability of tourism.
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Our experience

Since 1885, our ancestors first and we afterwards, have traveled the world, witnessing the profound change of the tourism sector and gaining valuable knowledge. We have decided to share our experience with all those for whom traveling is their passion.

The farthest destination where we have been is Singapore, at 11,225 km.

If we add the shifts we have done over all these countries we have traveled 342,908 kilometers. This represents of 8.5 times around the globe.


We traveled 342,908 km full of memories and experiences, but we are also aware of the terrible impact this has on our planet as equivalent to 126,875 Km are 343,908 KG of CO2 emissions. Therefore, to compensate our ecological footprint and that of our partners, we actively work with Selvans an ecological project of forest maintenance at a national level, based on the idea “”think globally, act locally””.

Traveling is admire, see, discover and investigate. That’s why we collaborate with the Barcelona Macula Foundation. A project that emerges from the photographs that Dr. Monés has taken throughout his travels and that he now shares with the Barcelona Mácula Foundation to obtain resources for research against blindness.